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This is my GitHub Pages page. I have more than one home page, for different purposes; this one is specifically for my open-source software and computer-related writing. Up until recently I had planned to use it for my consulting business as well, but I decided to split them apart to keep both of them more focused. The alert reader will notice that the contact information is different for the two sites.

Almost all of the Articles posted on this site came from someplace else. Most – except for a few old ones – first appeared as blog posts, either on my personal blog (on Dreamwidth, an excellent journaling community, under a different user id) or on They have been edited and updated for this site. Many blog posts are mirrored here as well, but unrelated announcements (mostly security-related) and most of the opinion pieces are filtered out.

It is, of course, also the place to look for my open-source software. Some of those projects will eventually have GitHub project pages of their own, which will be linked from here.

Blog posts on this site will generally be either site-related news (seen below), or cross-posts related to the software here.


  • Here There be Posts

    I have spent the last couple of days backfilling the blog with a selection of relevant posts from my Dreamwidth/Livejournal archive. By the time I was done this afternoon, I had a script that does most of the work of importing, and 20-odd new posts. (Well, old posts. New here.) A little manual editing is still required to correct the occasional tag that’s unique to the original blogging engine. They cover much of my recent writing on security, software, and the web.

  • Progress is being made

    The site is almost presentable at this point; I have started to bring over some blog entries/articles that were originally published elsewhere. Most of these were originally published in my personal blog, so they should be considered cross-posts. Articles that form a series can be grouped using tags.

  • Under Construction

    Please excuse our dust; we’ll get the construction debris out of the way soon.

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